Friday, February 27, 2009

Mardi Gras

We had a really good time this year at Mardi Gras in D'Iberville and Biloxi. The kids and I only went to D'Iberville, since it is much more "family friendly". The church handed out free hotdogs to about 500 people and Patrick shared the gospel with as many people that were in hearing distance of the sound system. In D'Iberville, he stood in the middle of Lemoyne Boulevard and preached God's truth that Jesus is the ONLY way and that we are ALL SINNERS in NEED of a SAVIOR. On the sidelines, Nick fought the spiritual battle for Patrick. Cristi and I both couldn't be more proud of our men! He said the Biloxi parade also went really well. People were stopping and as Patrick put it, "I caused a major people traffic jam". Here are a few pics from the D'Iberville parade.

It is finished

The girls room is finally finished. You would never know we cut a huge hole and patched it up. YAY!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

This is Rosie, the newest addition to the Levine Family.  We got her on Valentine's Day.  She is a Carin Terrier, the same breed as Toto from the Wizard of Oz.  She is just shy of 6 weeks.  We are in love.  The kids love tugging her around and she doesn't seem to mind.  By the end of the day she is usually exhausted and sleeps in her  little pink bed.  Isn't she a cutie!

Fashion trends in the making

Notice we must wear our gymnastics leotard UNDER the pantyhose and t-shirt.  Very stylish!

My little seamstress

Grace thought she could fix the rip in her school pants all by herself...nothing a little scotch tape can't fix right?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Never a dull moment

This is a picture of the hole in the wall we had to cut out in our little over a year old house.  I noticed there was water on the floor in the girls room several months ago.  It usually wasn't much and I wasn't sure if it was from rain or what.  It ended up getting worse and in my bathroom as well.  We finally got brave a cut a this hole to find that one of the drainage pipes was never connected all the way and it was leaking all over in the wall and of course producing mold.   YAY HURRAY!!  So now we are in the process of bleaching and drying out the wood and replacing parts and will have to re-sheet rock and paint!  The girls are now having to sleep in the toy room on their mattresses.  Never a dull moment...

Our first lost tooth

Yep it's true!  My big girl has lost her first tooth!  It was a Tuesday night and the girls were having a good laugh in the bath tub.  I went in to find out what all the ruckus was about!  Apparently, Adalee bumped Grace in the mouth and Grace checked her loose tooth and with two little wiggles it came right out!  She was so excited and found it hilarious!  We first thought she lost the little bitty tooth in their bath water but Grace had it clutched in her hand.  We were all cracking up at the whole ordeal. I had no idea her tooth was even loose!  Grace said she just didn't feel like telling me.  So, I think to myself...What else will she keep from me?  She is only 6!  AHHH!  The fun times of motherhood!